The cycleMature

A man's life is starting to feel like a bad dream.

t was her teeth that really scared him. Those sharp teeth set against the backdrop of her fat face. The teeth that lived inside the small, vicious mouth that wouldn’t stop talking and demanding.

He woke from his nightmare with her thick arm slung possessively across his chest. The arm crushed his ribs and he gasped for breath. It was time to get up for work. If he could get out from under his wife.

Thomas shoved his elbow into Vivienne’s side. Her red eyes opened and she glared at him. “Why are you still in bed? Shouldn’t you be on your way to the station already?”

“I wasn’t feeling so well, so I thought about staying at home, but I suppose I can go.” Vivienne sat up in bed and yawned. Her stringy black hair hung in her eyes. Thomas briefly wondered when last she had washed it.

“Yeah Tommy, that’s no excuse for not going to work. We’ve talked about this before. Make my breakfast before you go.”

Thomas grunted and went into the bathroom to get dressed.

The train shuddered out of the station ten minutes late. It was a grey, misty morning and the inside of the carriage smelled like old sweat and sour feet. The passengers leaning against the windows seemed half-dead. One was lying in his seat with his neck twisted at an odd angle and his mouth open. A fly buzzed around his head and entered his open mouth.  The part of the man’s face that he could see looked grey. 

As the train stumbled through Kalk Bay, it seemed to Thomas that he hadn’t seen a sunny day in a very long time. His days and nights were always the same. A bad night’s sleep next to his grotesque wife and then the dreary journey to work.

The End

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