The cursed reflection,her enemy's home.Mature

What you see..

the things you dont.

the cursed reflection her enemy's home.

When she's seen around not many would think that she has lot's of struggles,'cause she hides them so deep.

She can hide the tears,the scars and grief.

She does'nt look like a mess,but feels like a wreak.

She wont let her gaurd down,she's never at rest.

You wont ever see her cry,or runaway.

You'll just never see...

When she is alone,it's reallly scary.

When she is alone it all comes out.

When she looks in the mirror the reflection she sees makes the thoughts grow..the tears dont sease,the scars multiply,the running of water to sound out the agonizing cries.

She slowly fades away.

She dreams of peace,of the beauty she wants,then she awakes.

Reality is just too much.

This girl;

you'll never know-she'll never tell,

trapped in a cycle of dreadful fear.

To her she is nothing,the girl in the reflection-


The End

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