the cursed ones

Sam and her sister Victoria leave for the quiet town of Triston. Where they find out how quiet it really is. The kids take a instant dislike to them and keep faraway from them as possible
Then Sam makes friends with a boy called Michel and tells her the story of triston. Can Sam help everyone out or will she just add to the problem?


chapter one : leaving for the countryside 


I looked at my murky two bedroom bungalow. God, how much would i miss this house. I would miss the weeds that grew outside my window, how thin the walls were so you could hear everything in the house and how the roof only leaked on Victoria`s  side of the room. 

" Saying goodbye to the house?" Victoria asked

" Shut up" I told her 

Victoria was my twin sister but we couldn't tell for at the age of 9 she dyed blonde and curled her hair non stop making her look like  a over grown Barbie Doll. Me on the other hand kept my natural raven black spiky hair.  

" We are almost packed girls!" Mother shouted at us. 

" why does Sam get to keep her damn lizard while i can't keep my straighters?" she moaned

" there isn't much electricity in triston so we need to cut on stuff like that and anyways Pablo is part of the family" i told her 

" Screw you Sam, I bet you love this don't you? Living in the countryside with no contact and no television at all." 

" I'm not in love with the idea but at least Im keeping mature about it like a 5 year old like you." 

" shut up you EMO" 

she walked away in a huff and tried to lecture how bad the counryside would be to her health. Why do i have her for a sister? I mean  i had to lose my best friend Akassa. My only friend Akassa. I liked her from the moment we met. We met in Secondary school when she walked in our form room and shouted

 " Where the hell is the Library" 

Tears sprung in my eyes. We had been through everything together. Like her stupid boyfriend who abused her. I still remember when we sat at a cafe and it all burst out, that he hit her repeatly and then called her a slut and was ugly. She thought that having a boyfriend that abused her was better than none.What if when i was gone they got together?  I shook my head, Akassa couldn't be that stupid twice. surely?

" hey daydreamer, get in the car!"

I got in the car and we left for triston. 




The End

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