The curse of the immortal

Kathrin salts made a mistake. A mistake she has to live with for the rest of her life but then she meets a man. A man who may make it worth living the curse made on her.

Immortality. Such a small word with a big meaning. Immortality was offered to me and I accepted it. The immortality. I was told it was a gift. The greatest thing that could happen to me. But he lied. he lied to me when I gave myself to him. Immortality is not a gift. It is a curse. A never ending curse that you can not hide from you can not escape from. Immortality. Such a big neverending word.

My body ached in what seemed like never ending pain as his 'gift' ran threw my veins. 'curing' my weakness and making me stronger in every way imaginable.   It burned my blood and toasted my body. It extinguished my heart. Slowly and painfully.

It changes my body in a strange and unexpected new way. It burned it's way through me showing no Mercy.

It changed me into the impossible.

A Vampire.

The End

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