What? this has to be a dream.Mature

So now i've got 4  guys with guns pointed directly at me. this was going to be the end of me i thought. the short guy in the middle then said "Kid you've got two choices you come with me and my good friends Loco ,Roco , and Punifier. or you fight us and die." 

" Are those even names?" I asked the short  guy 

"Shutup your just jealouse that your name aint that cool!" he yelled at me. 

i started to laugh , Bang! 

"This kids annoying let just kill him." said Roco his voice sounding demonic.

"Shit!" I thought.  Its time to die i guess I rolled to my left where the was a few concrete boxes stacked up on eachother.  they started shooting me.  time seemed to slow. But not me i was going faster . I could see the bullets heading for my head. But I was much faster than the bullet at the moment.  So i ran by the slow moving bullet  took my gun out and shot the four guys. Time returned to normal. the guys were dead. that was really Cool not killing the guys but how time slowed. But i felt really tired from whatever that was. I started running away when a fist dug its self into my back and sent me flying through a brickwall.

I stood confused too how I was still alive.  I looked forward and there was Roco not even injured. What? and his friends where getting up too with their wounds healing. my mouth dropped. Thats not possible.

"Ha! He doesn't know what we are or what he is." Roco looking quite  pleased with himself.

For a second Roco disapears then suddenly he is rate in front of me. I hear the air inside my lungs escape and i'm soaring into another wall.  I'm on the ground  the world was spinning I could hear roco fist coming towards my head. Before it connects I hear a stone being smashed into pieces.  My vision starts returning I see the girl from earlier  holding a giant rock slab and Roco fist stuck inside it.

"Are you going to sit there and look stupid ,or you going to fight this guy." she yelled at me angrily

"Fight him, how? I shot him and he just healed."  I replied.

"Dumbass." She mutters under her breath.  She kicks the slab. Roco and the rock slab slam up agianst a stone building.

"Bullets don't kill these guys use your powers." She says to me.

"What the hell do you mean? Powers?"  I ask in frusteration

"Your really don't know who or what you are do you?" she looks at me astonished

"sure."  I said 

"shit how i''m i supposed to take on three of them if you have no idea on what to do?"  She started to worry

shorty started to glow blue. thats probaly not good. Time began to slow agian. this must be my power  I thought. I got up an ran, and jumped  kicked shorty in the face. He hit the ground hard time was still slow so i started repeatadly punched him in the face until his head was crushed.  then time began to go back to normal.  I suddenly felt unbeleivably tired and I collapsed. The world started to fade the girl looked at me and said time to go and then I passed out.


The End

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