Toronto not a good ideaMature

Upon arrival in Toronto i see lots of signals indicating that i should book it out of here. For example  the city is being patrolled by police for some criminals which escaped last night meaning that those fancy suit guys are probaly around here to because there always meddeling with somethin.  And of course when i walk on to the sidewalk i see the fancy suited guys collobrating with police . Who the smeg are they?  I blend in with the crowd before they see me.  

 I arrive at i guess what you would call a strip mall. and decide to drop into a store and grab a snack. Well more like grab a snack  without paying. Now i do really hate stealing but sometimes its necessary to survive.  The store was  packed it was pefect to do this. I was grabbing a few bottles of some energy drink when this red headed girl knocked me over. Sorta dazed i looked up into a face of full of toothpaste , and a broken tooth-paste tube.  "Are you ok?"  I asked  "buddy no time to explian  just get me outta here."  she replied. aas she used the paper tower that someone had offered to her.


I helped her out of the store and i asked  " Hey whats was with the hurry?"  " Ah its was something I'd rather not talk about at the moment. so what about your life?" she said  "well its nothing special." Trying to avoid the fact i was homeless  "Really your face tells me different." she oddly exclaimed  "what  do you mean?" I asked "Oh look its may parents i've got to go bye." 

Talk about awkward i wonder that was all about. later on i was looking for some sort of alleyway to  sleep in when. the fancy suit guys appeared. All hell they caught up to me. I turned around to see two of them. Ipulled out my pistol and yelled at them

" back off!"  Well of course they pulled there guns out. And i really didn't have the heart to take a life so i quickly shot both of there knee caps.  I missed the first guy nice i bet he's pissed and i started running. Bullets whizzing by I quickly  turned a corner weren't people going to notice these guys attacking me.  I hear a voice shouting "Get down we've got the criminal!" As more bullets whizzed and that nearly made contact with my flesh. there was no way i was going to die today or be taken not a way in  the darkest place of earth even. I rushed into a large sky scraper and jumped into an elevator before it closed. then i procceded with pressing all the buttons and getting off at the next level.  which was sorta stupid becuase i knew there were going to take the stairs. i waited for them all to rush up. then sneaked down and escaped out of a back entreance. bad idea there were waiting for me.

The End

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