The currentsMature

A boy named phill charles has been living on the streets since he was 9 when his parents where killed by some secret organization. since then hes been avoiding all sorts of organization in the fear of being caught.


It been six years since my parents where bagged and shot. I still don't know why they had to die. I was lucky i didn't get caught. I've always liked the idea of secret passages  so i had many peak-holes in the attic and may places to exit it.

  one night while i was up in the attic doing my sneaking around. our front door flew open and men in fancy dress suits came  in and pointed guns at my parents. they  put there hands up and a man came in with a suitcase and asked some questions that i couldn't here. I guess my parents answered wrongly and were shot.  i couldn't  hold my anguish and i screamed. by some miracle i made it outside and  escaped them.

     Today i woke up to another nightmare about that horrible night. it was a horrible feeling my eyes started to water but i held back there wasn't time i've spent to much time in this city it was time to move on. i'm constantly moving from city to because the  people who killed my parents are always and the look out for me. one time i had to fight them off. But in the end they nearly got me bagged luckily  a gang of kids saw what was going on and saved my butt. those kids taught me to fight i wish i could stay with them. but  eventually they will come for me . I eventually told those guys were after me and next time they will bring weapons. so i left with hope one day i will come back to that city.

 after that incident i ended up being shot at and nearly getting killed. so now i carry a handgun with a really pathetic scope on it. atleast it allows me so have some sort of sniping skill.  thinking about i'm not sure wether this organization wants me alive or not. anyway today i'm leaving. I pick my stuff put on my  wrecked trenchcoat and crawl out of service enterance of a subway. it was raining heavily today  not the greatest to be getting out of town but i need to stay ten days ahead of these guys. i looked into my wallet i had made a fair bit of money and the last group of people i helped i guess i could pay for a bus ride into toronto.








The End

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