The Cure: Story of a broken heart.

This story is about a six year old girl called Caroline and how she is cured of her problems. This is a short story which is written to touch your heart. Enjoy!


It was a sunny morning on Sunday when a new day dawned upon the Parker household. Unlike the neighboring houses that were squabbling with kids and their parents as they jostled into their cars to go on picnics, this one was unusually quiet. No one demanded explanations as they knew the reason for it too well.

       It had been a year since an incident occurred that jolted the Parker household to the extent that the scars were likely to remain forever. Tony and Angela had a heated argument, soon after that, Tony packed his bags and left the home for good. He then asked for divorce which was obliged. Tony had not visited since. Angela, a marketing executive got the custody of their six year old daughter, Caroline.

            The poor child was the brunt of the consequences. She missed the man who would pick her up from the school, she missed those strong shoulders that would carry her around, she missed playing with her dad, she missed him telling her bedtime stories and putting her to sleep.

            Divorces can be called a “normal” thing nowadays but Caroline was too young too her understand all this. She would ask “Why isn’t daddy coming home? Did I make a mistake, did I make him angry?” trying to blink away the moisture in her eyes while her mother just shook her head, unable to reply. She was always left speechless at the question and the childhood innocence which had taken over Caroline’s mind. She wished her former hubby would pay Caroline a visit.

            Angela decided to take a psychologist’s advice. She was worried as her daughter was missing on a lot of sleep, she was having nightmares about her dad. There was one psychologist at the corner of the street. Dr. Dray was a tall, plump man with a balding head.

            In the evening, Angela decided to leave Caroline at home as she had fallen asleep which was a rare occasion. She decided to meet the doctor alone.

            A few minutes later, Caroline got up. She rubbed her eyes, trying to forget the nightmare she just had about her dad being murdered in a foreign land which was the cause of his inability to return home.

            She went downstairs. Her mom was not there. There were no notes she had left. Caroline was too busy missing her dad that she forgot about her mother temporarily.

            She went back to her room. She gathered a pile of books which were gifted to her by her dad. He was a voracious reader which was quite obvious as he was an editor of a top magazine.

Caroline sighed, picked up a book and sat down near her bedroom window. She always used to read books here as she had a good view of the sunset and of the front garden. A small stony pathway led from the house to a tiny gate.

It was soon dark and Caroline started to wish her mother would better hurry back home.

She was halfway through the book when she heard the clink of the garden gate. She swallowed hard and looked outside the window. What she saw was something she would never forget her entire life.

The silhouette of the towering figure walking down the stony path with such confidence and grace will be etched in Caroline’s mind forever.

She rushed downstairs, tears streaking down her face as she embraced her father in a warm hug. “Daddy, mom searched every nook and corner of this world for you, where were you hidden?”. Tony just laughed and put a loving hand on his daughter’s head.

Angela returned home soon and she surprised herself when she leapt into Tony’s arms at the first sight.

The entire family had dinner together. Tony promised to visit Caroline every week now. Caroline laughed away a year’s worth of gloom.

Angela threw a thick bottle of pills prescribed by Dr. Dray .Love had cured Caroline Parker.

The End

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