The Future Mrs. Jake Carter

The next morning, Cat arose from bed and started breakfast. The pancakes were the first ones to make since Brad loved to eat them. Cat cracked two eggs and poured them into the skillet. She was happy enough to add chopped onions and ham into the spread bubbled dark yellow eggs. She started spreading six bacon strips onto the cooking sheet. And she put them into the oven to cook. That is when Belle came racing down the stairs as soon as she smelled the food. Belle was an energetic seven year old with goddess braids. She wore pink pajamas and a smile that awaken the sunshine. 

"Mommy!" she shouted as she ran to her mother.

"Belle," Cat respond, "good morning. How's my little princess this morning?"

"Fine, mommy." Belle smiled at her mother as if she wanted to go some where fun.

"Okay, where do you want to go?"

"What do you mean?"

"Because I know your smile. You want me and your daddy to take you somewhere today, do you?"

"I can't fool you."

"That's right!" said Cat, "and I'll be delighted to take you somewhere on this sunny day. Where would you like to go?"


"Okay. We will go, okay. Would you like some breakfast?"

"Yes please."

After Cat finished cooking breakfast, Brad walked down the stairs in his light blue and white striped house coat. In his coffee brown-leathered flip flop house shoes, he walked in to see his two beautiful girls in the kitchen. His wife and daughter. He walked over to Cat to kiss her on the cheeks as she handed him his breakfast. He sat right down, picked up the Saturday morning paper to read the news section.

"How well did you sleep last night?" Cat asked.

"I didn't ." Brad said, "I went downstairs to get a cup of tea. I really did not want to go away from you girls. Going to Indianapolis to practice for our fall season with the Indianapolis Colts."

"Well, my sisters will keep me and Belle company."

"I'll bet they will."

Belle finished her breakfast and got syrup around her mouth.

"Alright, go and get cleaned up." Cat said to Belle.

"Okay. Goodbye, daddy." Belle said as she gives Brad a hug.

"I'll see ya before your mom takes me to the airport. Okay!"

Belle gave her father the two thumbs up and ran upstairs!

"So when is Cris' wedding going to be?"

"Next Saturday."

"Next Saturday? I thought it was in three weeks!"

"Yeah!" Cat said as she got annoyed, "but Jake wanted to move the wedding date up. Because he wanted all of his family and friends to be there."

"Well he do realize that I won't be back in time."

"I told him that. But as usual, it's all about what he wants. Not about what Cristina's family wanted."

"Well, I better get dress and go if I'm going to catch a flight."

Brad walked up the stairs. That is when a doorbell rings.

Cat flew to the front door. She opened the door for Cristina.

"Ahh, there she is." Cat said as she smiled, "the future Mrs. Jake Carter."


After dropping off Brad at the airport, Cat, Cristina, and Belle went to the zoo. The were looking at the fiesty peacocks. But the silky blue-feathered bird was friendly towards Belle as she took pictures. Cristina and Cat sat down at the picnic table near the Coconut Grove food chain to eat their lunch. For Belle spent all day with her mother and her aunt looking at animals, and took pictures of them. Belle never ran off, and is near for Cat to keep a close eye out for. Cat was drinking her favorite Coca Cola, whereas Cristina's favorite has always been a good old fashion Dr. Pepper.

"You know," Cat said as she took a sip after taking a bite of her chilli dog, "it's amazing that when you become a mother. How it all changed from an instant."

"Well," Cristina giggled, "now you said it. About eight years ago, you swear up and down that you wouldn't have children."

"That was eight years ago?" Cat said as she tried to play coy.

"Yeah!" Cristina laughed. "And now you have a beautiful daughter that you and Brad adored."

"Well, we are the proud parents. But it is hard when you have an energetic seven year old little girl running around. But at least you have Alix."

"My cat. Oh she always been there for me. Even to greet me when I arrived from home from work."

"So has Jake gotten use to living with Alix yet?"

"No. He hates cats."

"Cris, I'm concerned about you."


"Because Jake has pushed the wedding date. And he knew that Brad won't be able to make it to the wedding."

"What? Why would he do that?"

"Well isn't it obvious. He wants things his way, and he doesn't like our family. We know he has cheated on you before. Remember the stripper named Cherry-Top."

"Yes, I remember."

"You caught him in your bed, sleeping with her. I can't forget the look on your face when you told mom."

"But he has not cheated on me. So I can trust him."

"Are you sure? Because he can always go back to his old ways."

"He's just stressed out about this wedding. That's all!"

"What's he got to be stressed about. Since he was the one who wanted to get married in the first place. He doesn't ask you. He doesn't think about any body, but himself. And he continue to hurt you."

"Please Cat," Cristina pleaded, "I know that you are concerned about me. But he has change. You will see."

Belle joined them as she, Cat, and Cristina finished their lunch.



The End

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