A Girl's Night In.

The stars beginning to be noticed by Cristina. The 76 degree weather made it easier for her to relax. Being at home helped her to think. She sat on her couch with her cat, Alix. Alix was a short haired black friendly cat who loved Cristina. She would often keep her company every time Cristina came home from work. As Cristina is on the couch resting her legs; Alix jumped right next to her. The two bounded like it's a girl and a cat's night in. Alix would curl up between Cristina's legs. While Cristina flipped through channels. And tuned into watching Mysteries Diagnosis. She would rather watch that than to have to face two fighting grown people. She had enough for the day when she faced with difficult patients, a family who wished she would dump Jake. And to come home, and watch people who fight each other for money, and stupid reasons. She was not in no mood to watch two women fighting over a man that cannot have as a result.

Sitting on the couch, and eating her favorite Bryer's Cherry ice cream, Cristina began to wonder about Jake. He has not been late coming home before. Although she is not worried about him. For she knows that he will make it home safe. Jake is one handsome hunk. But she couldn't stop thinking about the guy she saw at the coffee shop. The images she painted in her head were sex related. About the way he touched her. His fingers make their way to rub them through her hair. She held her bowl of ice cream. And took a bite as she thinks about him. Jake never held her like that. Nor did he touch her. Cristina grabbed a pillow, and began to hug it. She felt as if she is holding him. And he responded by holding her back. She would dare to dream out loud on her tasting his sexy lips.

In her mind, she felt she is not cheating on Jake. After all. When is the last time he ever gave her attention? No date nights. And if she was to ask, he would think she is asking too much out of this relationship. And he would grill her for not being supportive. It's all about  what Jake wanted. Why can't he just focus on others instead of on himself for a change? It's frustrating to her that he treated her like she doesn't exsist at all. And yet he wanted to marry her.

Jake walked into the house. He saw Cristina on the couch. As she was stroking Alix's beautiful hair. He walked up to her. With his brown eyes on her, Cristina stared back. Then she looked down at the cat.

"What are you doing up?" Jake asked with a smerk. He didn't expect Cristina to be up this late.

"Jake, we need to talk." Cristina said as Alix climbed down and walked into the bedroom. Cristina raise up from the couch to follow Jake into the kitchen, "You have been hanging out with your boys a lot. I know that our wedding is coming up. I just want to know one thing. When are we going to have some time together?"

"Oh no!" Jake grumbled, "not this crap again!"

"You get to go to cool place with your boys. But when it comes time for me to go places that I want to go, you keep making up excuses for not taking me."

"Where do you want to go?"

"I wanted to go to the festival last weekend."

"And I told you I don't have the money to take you there."

"Well I could have use the money to take both of us..."

"I don't want you to use your money. Besides, soon it will be my money."


"I mean, our money. Once we get married, it will be our money. And I don't want you to spend it all."

Cristina is frustrated at the fact that Jake is not being sensitive to her needs. Jake grabbed a glass from the kitchen cubbard and grabbed a bottle of Carona out of the fridge.

"Well my twin sister, Catherine and her husband are going to a romantic dinner at Red Lobster and..."

"I am not Cat's husband! Alright! Get that through your freakin head!" Jake shouted. "Stop comparing our relationship to your sister's marriage. I'm trying to save up for our wedding. So if you really love me, Cris. Then you would understand that we don't need to go to these places. You need to stop going to that damn coffee shop too! You spending is way out of control."

"Well, it's not like I am a shopoholic, Jake. I go there during my lunch break or when I get off from work."

"Damn it, Cris!" Jake was infuriatted with Cristina, "you are a non supportive person. It's gotta change if you want to marry me. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you. Now shape up or ship out!"

Then Jake stormed out of the kitchen. Leaving Cristina shaken up. The tears rolled down her face.

The End

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