Boys Night Out at the Riverfront Festival

Jake, and his two best friends, Damon Coleman, and Charles Headley were at the Detroit Riverfront Festival. They were getting drunk off of drinking a couple of Budweiser beers, a bottle of cognac, and a bottle of volka. Charles was a heavy chain smoker who didn't give a care if people see it or not. Jake, Charles, and Damon were whistling at the beautiful, but small-minded women who were passing by. If and when by chance, Jake was going to get a piece of one of them later that night. All three of the men were in a beat up 1988 RV Camper. One of the head lights were out, and this piece of crap do need some serious paint job. And blowing gas fumes from the tail pipe was nothing new. It was an old classic. The heat doesn't work let alone the blower doesn't come on at all. As for the AC; it's nothing, but a fan. But the boys don't mind sweating in all of that heat. But luckily, the night cooled down well enough for the RV to cool down.

Jake picked up another bottle of Budweiser long necks. His finger nails were as filthy as dirt. He twisted the bottle cap. Assumed he doesn't need a bottle opener. He opened it, and started to pour out the beer into a Detroit Lions glass mug. He mixed it with cognac. As a rich man, he don't like to spend money on getting something new. He would rather get something cheaper. That would defiantly save money right there. There, Jake saw a beautiful woman in a white dress walking by. Already, he had his sight on her all night.

"There she goes again," Jake flirted, "there goes my baby!" Jake had no problems flirting with other women. Especially since he knew that he is engaged to be married to Cristina. But he didn't give a damn if he was engaged. He was going to get a piece of the girl in a white dress that night.

"What are you doing flirting with women," Charles laughed in a drunk way, "you know you are engaged to..."

A drunk Charles forgot Cristina's name. But not on purpose. He reached for his pack of Newports that were on the old rusty dashboard. In an annoying postal child way, they were laughing and giggling. And Jake decided to climb out of the RV, and walk over to the girl in a white dress. He got her attention, and Damon has gotten his flirting expert on tape.  

The girl looked very pretty, but don't have a clue that Jake is engaged. Jake's smooth talk persuaded her to give him her seven digits. Plus the number one and the area code; which makes it eleven. While she wrote it down on a piece of half-torn paper; Jake looked at her dress. Along with his manhood itching to have some sex action with this woman. The curves on her body got him drooling. And that was enough to take her home. But not tonight though. Because Cristina is there. Great! How is he ever going to get some action with her tonight? He wanted to do her in that beat up RV he and his friends are in. But he had no choice, but to get her in the RV.

Once he persuaded her to follow him inside of the RV; the action begins. Where Damon is still recording and called this way better than sex and text scandals. While this woman's back was turned, Jake quickly felt her behind, and she is not bothered at all. Because she thought she was on a date with him.

"Wow," Damon said as he is still recording, "I know you are gonna get a piece of that action."

"Oh yeah, man!" Jake said. He kept looking at her big butt. It looked like the full moon, but it was just perfect for Jake. Her fake weave was long and jet black with blue highlights. Her eyes were brown and were in a form of Kimora Lee Simmons. She walked into the back of the RV where the bedroom is. Jake followed her behind. Damon and Charles get to see them having sex together. To a degree, Jake was not regretting it at all. In fact, he had sex with other women behind Cristina's back. Damon recorded them having sex for at least two hours. For he did not want Cristina to worry. But he was enjoying a great sex.


The End

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