The Crystal Rose

This is a Romance Inspirational Fiction story about an African-American woman who fall in love with a White man.

          It was a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon at the coffee shop. The coffee shop was at it's contemporary best. People walk in and walk out with their award-winning iced mochas. Dr. Cristina Cortez loved to sit in the corner. Cristina enjoyed the sunshine, but had to protect her beautiful caramel skin from heat rays. She was on her computer surfing the internet. She was eating her favorite sub sandwich and drinking her ice vanilla bean coffee.  She was a thirty-two year old African-American woman; who loved to sit by the window. She did not mind sitting in the yellow contemporary hard wood chair. She loved the black see through shade. It not only protect her skin, but to cover up her monitor on her computer as well. Cristina was very beautiful and her dark brown hair was shoulder-length, flowing, and they are all her real hair. No weave, no wig! Yes, her hair is real. She sat at the same spot almost everyday for her lunch break. But she did not have to go back to the doctor's office. She did not have any patients to check on. Everyone loved her, and she was a nice girl. In fact, she was the most friendliest person people have ever met. Cristina wasn't a slut or a woman who had a one time fling with. 

      Leo Jones, he was the owner of Leo's Diner. He knew the Cortez Family well. He use to date Cristina's mother, Detective Melanie Cortez. He was in love with her, and she was very beautiful. But he just couldn't understand. He wouldn't be able to understand. Why has the relationship went wrong? Is it because of him? That would still be a mystery until this day. Now, he's happily married to another detective. Detective Rachel Jones. A tough Mexican-American cop who doesn't know Spanish all too well. She is just as curvy and beautiful as Mel. Sometimes, she remind him of Mel. Even though Mel never gave him a reason why they broke up in the first place. He tried to let that slide. Still! It wouldn't hurt to tell him!

     Mel walked over to the counter to order three vanilla bean coffees. That's when she spotted Leo behind the counter. Leo took a good look at Mel. And he was amazed on how beautiful she still is to him. Her smile lid up, and her dark hair was still long and beautiful, if not some grey. Her brown eyes looked at his, as well as his wrinkled bags under his old age eyes. 

    "Hey, Mel." Leo said as he cracked a smile, "been busy lately?"

    "You know it!" Mel said, "I had tons of paper work to do on a woman who is hiding from her abusive husband."

    "You would think there is not enough scumbags in this world, you prove me wrong."

    "Yeah. But I know how that feels though." Mel sighed.

     "Well, your husband's dead now. So you might as well get over that terrible night."

     "How do you get over it? I can never get over it! But I try not to think about it!"

      Leo also knew Mel's daughters. Besides Cristina, he knew an attorney, Catherine Cortez-Flosky, and Vanessa Cortez. Catherine is Cristina's twin sister, and she is happily married to a football player. Brad Flosky. They had a three year old daughter, Belle. Like any other three year old little girls, Belle loved to play with her favorite "Hello Kitty" dolls, and her friends at school. And Vanessa was just recently got a divorce from her husband with a help from her sister, Catherine. Vanessa is a beautician; who got help from her spousal support money. 

      As Mel bring the three iced coffees over to the table, a handsome young man, Ric Krantz walked into the coffee shop. Looking sharp in his black suit, Ric's beautiful hazel eyes has caught Cristina her eye. He walked by her and saw her. His sleet jet black hair was pulled back. And Cristina could not resist seeing his beautiful smile. Her heart beats faster and she was falling for him. She loved the smell of his masculine woodsy after shave. She watched him as he walked over to the counter. Leo saw him as he began his order. 

     "I would like to have an ice vanilla bean coffee to go please." he said.

     Cristina's heart melt as soon as she hears his deep beautiful sexy voice. Leo smiled and preparing for his order.  Ric looked at Cristina with passion and smiled. Cristina could not believe that he was looking at her. For she could not control herself. His eyes were beautiful to look at. She brushed her elbow up against her half-empty ice coffee. But Mel caught it before it could reach it to spill on her doctor's coat.

     "Are you alright?" Mel asked.

     "Yes mom," Cristina responded, "I'm fine!"

      "Yeah! she's fine," Vanessa said, "because she is starring at that fine hottie over at the counter."

       "I am not!" Cristina said as she giggled a little bit. That would make her to be a liar because she was looking at him.

       "Ah come on, Cris!" Vanessa said, "you were. You are having a crush on him. After all, he is very beautiful."

       "Yes," Cristina said, "he is very attractive. And he does have good taste." 

       As Ric grabbed his order, he walked by Cristina. He looked at her once more before going out the door. Cristina took a stack of napkins, and she began to fan herself. For the heat of her crush for this handsome man was so strong.

      "Wow! he is so fine!" Cristina admitted to her family. 

      "Even a lot better than Jake Carter?" Catherine said.

      "Now why do you want to go and bring him up for? Jake is my fiancee."

      Cristina knew her family doesn't like Jake Carter. So why on earth Cristina would be falling for a guy who thinks highly of himself? Why would she want to get married to a man who mistreats her? Their answer to those questions are without answers.

     "Now," Mel said to Vanessa and Catherine, "let's not talk about Jake. We are here to spend time with her." 

     "Thank you, mom." Cristina said. "Besides, he promised me that he would change."

     "We'll see!" said Vanessa. And they all had a quiet mother and daughters lunch together.

The End

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