dose alex say yes

Alex said "yh i will go out with you" Lee smiled Alex smiled back . Alex went to play with her mates and Lee wnt to play with his mates . After a while Lee was bored playing with his mates so he walked over to where Alex was sitting and he tapped her on the back and he whispered in her ear  " Do you want to come to my room? "  " okii " said Alex . So Alex and Lee walked up to Lee's room hand in hand Lee's room number was 194 and Alex's room number was 195 so Alex and Lee where next to each other . Lee opened the door and Alex walked in and Lee followed her into the hotel room " what shall we do? " asked Alex " errr i don't know " answered Lee .  Alex had a red dress on and Lee had jeans and a white shirt on . "Sit on the bed alex " so Alex sat on the bed next to Lee " what do you want to do? " asked Alex " i don't know " said Lee . Lee put his hand onto Alex's thigh and kissed her on the lips for a long time . Lee took his hand off Alex's thigh and put his hand on her back he was feeling about for the clasp on her dress he found the clasp and he opened the clasp Alex was shocked......

The End

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