The Crystal Hotal

One scortching day i was lying on the sunbed and my mam and dad had gone to get a drink and my sister gemma went in the pool with her boyfriend. The sun was blazing on my back my mam and dad had just come back from getting a drink. i felt so hot and so i went into the pool for a swim when i got into the pool the cold water cooled me down a lot. So i went for a swim and i had made some friends called jasmine , isabell  and tammy they were 12 like me. We played under water tig it was so funny after a bit we got bored and so we got out of the little pool to go into the adults pool but children were alowed in. We were doing hand stands underwater jasmine could not do a hand stands under water but she could do a hand stand on grass. We went over the other side of the pool i was sick of swimming so i sat on the side of the pool watching my friends swim in the pool. " alex " shouted tammy " what tammy" i said . " there is a boy looking at you " whisperd tammy. " where is he" i said " near the bar" said tammy. So i turned around and i saw him he was looking at me he had blonde spikey up hair he was fit so i said to my friends " lets go to the bar" . So me and all my friends walked over to the bar. " hi " the boy said to me " hi" i said "what is your name" asked the boy " alexandra what is yours?" i asked " lee" he replied. " i am goning in the pool do you want to come? " asked lee " yes" i said. So alex and lee and all of his and my friends went into the pool " alex you are cute" said lee " thanks and you are so fit" i replied " how old are you" asked lee. " 12 you" i said . "12" lee said . " want to go out with me....

The End

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