The Crying Angel

She looked down at her hands. They were covered with burns, it didn't hurt afterall, the burns were from the powers she possessed. She guessed it was better than being stained with blood, [they didn't bleed].

This had been coming for a time, they all knew and expected it. They were told that there was to be no mercy shown, there had never been mercy shown to them.

She breathed in the pungent smell of sulpher, the sweet but sorrowful smell of victory. Only sorrowful because it was not good to kill. This had been necessary, required, this had fulfilled the prophecy.

She retracted her wings and sat on the rim of the precipice between heaven and earth. They had fallen earlier and already there was chaos well, more chaos.

It seemed they thrived on chaotic life. It was true they went where even angels would not tread, (mankind). Oh not on the earth, not a mountain, she sat above the mountains, not even the most ferocious fire storm, ha.. she walked through them without a singe to even one of her delicate feathers.

Not their puny little wars, she had just fought a war, a war they could not have fathomed in a million years, a war they didn't have one weapon to match.

And now she watched them as they went about their little lives, not understanding the scourge that had been sent to them, not understanding the woes that were to come. They went about raising their children, they worried about how they would make the next payment on a trade, they planned on the next mountain they would climb and the next war they would fight.

She felt the tear, she watched it fall from her face, it shone like a diamond.. Woe to you earth and the sea.. for the devil has come down to you..

They didn't understand that.. he is like a roaring lion.. They didn't understand that.. he has come down to you having great anger.. why couldn't they see.. he is looking to devour anyone, looking to devour all.. if they just paid attention.. because he (the devil) knows he has a short period of time!

She stretched out her wings, the tears fell from her face, through the clouds, glistening as they fell to earth into the sea.

The End

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