a story based of realityMature

The line that separates fantasy from reality is blurring...

I’m 15 years old, and I am smart and strong.

I live in south east London where I have a nice life, I live with my parents and little sisters and I go to a grammar school. I have always found maths and logic simple, and If I put my mind to it I can memorise most things in a few hours. And keep it in my mind for about 72 hours perfectly.

I realised I was strong at age 14 where I noticed people started complaining about my being violent during sport. I had started martial arts a bit earlier and had been playing tennis for more than 5 years. I was abnormaly heavy at 80 kg for someone only 5 foot 6. But wit a 32 inch waist I wasn’t fat at all

Despite these things I am still a simple human being. There are many people smarter and stronger than me. I am no superman, I’m just a normal boy.

I have normal hobbies like skating and dancing but nothing compares to music

Music is easily my passion I play guitar, I sing, I play a bit of piano, I play drums and I even beat box and my dream Is to be a famous musician.

I am an ok skater, but I mostly cruise. All I can do is Ollie and I want to change this, so I started to go to the local skatepark to mess around, but always on my own, I would always feel on my own despite the fact that it was overcrowded, I felt almost out of place.

Until I met him.

The End

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