The Crown

This is a Sci-Fi spin on a board game.

                                       In one realm two kings battled for the  crown.

The king sat on his throne, next to his queen. When one of their servants came bursting in.

Your majesty!

Whats the meaning of this? said the queen.

He kneeled down.

Your majesty, the legendary crown has reappeared.


The king went to his Royal library. He went to the bookcase and grabbed a red book with gold seals. He opened the book, the crown dates back hundreds of years ago, now its returned.

Your king, I have to tell you the white King knows this, as well.

 ¨I see, said the Dark King.  I will have a meeting with him”.

The two kings met on their horses near the bridge.

I know we had our differences Dark King, but i’m glad we could work this out.

As do I, white King.

As you see, I do not wish to go to war with you, so I suggest you surrender the crown over to me, said the Dark King.

Dark King I thought you would understand, the crown rightfully belongs to me.

“Nay, I am more fit to wear it, it belongs on my head”.

“Dark King if you don’t stand down, It will mean war”.

“White King rain war in our realm, I’ll be the one to win it”.

But if you think your power rules over mine, lets cast away 1 of our wizards, and 1 of our horsemen’s, said Dark King.

“The White king yelled, So shall it be! We will meet at dawn”.

“The two kings arrived with their armies”.

White Army go to the battlefield.

Dark Army go to the battlefield.

The two armies faced each other.

We each had 8 knights, 1 horsemen’s,  1 wizard, and 2 towers.


“The White King and his Queen had different towers, but the king was in control. The Dark King and his Queen had different towers, but the king was in control”.

Stand down  Dark King, You’ll never win.

You should just admit defeat now White king. DarkKnight-3 go forth one space. The knight moved one space closer to the white army.

So be it, WhiteKnight-4 fight DarkKnight-3. They both emerged their swords and charged at each other. The swords collided together with such force sparks went flying with each blow. The DarkKnight-3 lashed out at the WhiteKnight-4 slicing him in half. The WhiteKnight disappeared into tiny pixel particles.

Your becoming careless White King.

Seems so. White HorseMen jump to the front.

The horse galloped to the front of the battlefield, the knight resting on top waiting for battle, with his hand on his sword.

Interesting, said Dark King.

But no matter, Dark Kni…..

You should wait ur turn Dark King.

WhiteKnight-1 move up 3 spaces.

This went on for hours, until the final showdown was upon them.

The Dark King has one DarkKnight, and the White King has one whiteknight and a horsemen still on the battlefield.

Dark King I’m a fair person, so I’ll give you one more chance. Stand down now, said the White King.

The Dark King smiled.

No, I’ll fight you with honor.

As you wish, said the White King.

WhiteKnight-8 fight Dark-Knight-6.

The WhiteKnight came charging at the DarkKnight sword in hand ready to kill. The DarkKnight crosses swords with him and they began to fight.  The blow slashed through his waist, making him disappear into tiny pixels.

The DarkKnight stood unfazed and lifted his sword to the crown.

Ha!, no matter, said the White King.  I still have a horsemen in play.  Go forth White horsemen and slice him!

The horsemen charged with full speed at the Knight.  The DarkKnight rolled under the horse and stabbed it causing it to disappear.  The Whiteknight and Darkknight batted to the death. They collided swords. The WhiteKnight was able to rid the sword out of the DarkKnight hand making it fall to the ground. He dodged all his moves, untill he got the sword and plunged it into the WhiteKnight’s chest; he bursted into pixels.

Their towers began to crumble, the White King and  Queen sat on their hover thrones behind the pile of rubble.

The crown lowered and he gripped it in his hands.

¨I rule over this realm now¨, said the Dark King.

He proudly placed the crown on his head.


The End

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