The Crossroads

Everyone thinks there is just one world, just one reality. But hey what if everyone is wrong?



I swerved round the old mud brick houses that were cracked from the sun. I loved to run. To feel the air whisk around me my legs striding in big long steps. My bare feet made little noise on the sandy ground. It was the time of day when its no longer to hot and the sun is creeping down below the horizon. This my favourite time of the day. The weather is neither to warm or the freezing cold we often have at night time. I run to a low window in the side of one of the larger mud houses- the butchers- and call into it quietly.

"Hey Tolm." I pray his father doesn't hear me he hats the fact Tolm gives me and my brother Yann food. "Tolm are you in? its me Libby. Tolmanus?"


Tolm's head appead at the window looking guilty. My heart droped at the hought of no food tonight.

"Erm... Sorry Libbs. It's just... well you know, me and father have hardly enough for our selves..."He trailed of.

" Its ok." I said trying not to let my desperation slip into my voice. I turned to go  feeling the urge to get back to my brother even if it was to tell his bad news.

"I truly am so sorry Libby. I mean I would love to give you and your brother food. With he being only 10 and all. But it's just this whole dreaded drought and war and... I'm so sorry."

It was just like Tolm to blame himself for everything. I turned back and spoke,

"Look Tolm none of this is your fault. I and my brother will be fine for just one night and I'm sure we will find something in the morning, don't you dare worry!"

I turned and ran of before he blamed himself anymore.

The End

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