The Garden

I sat in the spaceship, thoughts and confusion running through my head.  Why did those alien-like creatures send me here?  And, why me?  Would I wake up any second now and realize this was all a dream?  Question after question ran through my head. 

          After sitting in the spaceship for a couple of minutes, I noticed a very small circle shaped window.  I got up and walked over to it, anxious of what my eyes were about to see.  As I looked out the window, my jaw dropped!  I had never seen something so beautiful and made me feel so at home in my entire life!  

          It was a garden.  A garden full of any type of flower you could think of. Roses. Red ones, pink ones, and yellow ones too! Daisies, lilies, and daffodils!  I had never seen so many flowers all together before in one big garden.  But who was that?  That woman walking towards me from a distant?  This woman looked older. Maybe late fifties or early sixties?  She had dark brown hair and brown eyes.  She was wearing a beautiful pink gown and was smiling at me.  Who was she, and why did she look so familiar?  As she came closer, my eyes began to fill with tears. Not sad tears, but happy tears.  I finally realized where this odd looking spaceship had taken me.  I was standing in front of my grandma.  I was in the place my mom explained to me so long ago, at a very young age, where the ones we loved who had passed go.  I was in heaven.  

The End

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