New Home

      As my eyes were transfixed upon the mysterious plane that lay ahead of me, I became curious as to what would happen if I took even one step.  After several minutes of gathering the courage to do so, I step forward in what was one of the most weird experiences of my life.  Unlike the ground that was hard and cold on Earth, the ground was squishy, almost like a trampoline.  I kept walking, or bouncing somewhat, for what felt like eternity. Finally, I entered an unknown world...of aliens. 

     There were no cars, only flying saucers.  Unknown noises filled the air, as aliens communicated with other aliens.  Little aliens jumped across the streets, playing with each other.  I took some comfort as I realized this world seemed vaguely familiar to the world I once knew.  Just then, an tall alien approached me, and surprisingly, started speaking English.   He asked me where I was from, and I tiredly told him everything that had happened recently.  He seemed very sorry for everything I had gone through.  He offered a job to me, and somewhere to live.  I then realized, this is my new home.  

The End

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