A chill shot through my spine as its eyes stared into mine. I could almost see myself in the two bulbous voids that protruded from the creature's face. Like a gargantuan, disgusting insect, it blinked with its two pairs of eyelids, squirmed, and turned back to its ally.

What I heard next was impossible to describe. Was it communication? Anger? Or just torture? The alien creature let out an ear-shattering shriek, prompting a similar response from its comrade. My exhaustion only amplified the pain, as I writhed in agony, unable to stop the screeches of the two creatures from passing through the hands cupped over my ears. Not even jet engines made such abominably loud noises. I couldn't stand it. I felt my brain boiling from the strain of the two banshees' screaming.

Finally, the noise came to a halt as I lay on my stomach, incapable of moving. I breathed a deep sigh of relief, although I immediately regretted it as my throat burned intensely from dehydration. I turned to my side, hoping to see the two creatures produce a morsel of food, a drop of water, anything that would ease my suffering. But what I saw when I looked over my shoulder was not what I had hoped for. It was the most sinister object I had ever seen. Something I never could have imagined. 

The End

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