More Fedoras.

I looked up and let out an audible groan.  I saw two men walking towards me wearing trench coats and fedoras.  At this point, I decided enough was enough.  Adding to my physical exhaustion, I was getting tired of being chased by Frank Sinatra look-a-likes.

However, as they drew nearer, I realized they weren't quite what I expected.  They were wearing fedoras but they were not mobsters; they weren't even human.  It was hard to discern the details of their appearance, but what I could see worried me.  Their silhouettes had odd contours that made me sure I was looking at some alien type of life.

Gritting my teeth, I began dragging myself off the floor.  I was still extremely weak.  I needed a proper meal and some water soon, but I was too curious just to wait on the ground.

As I approached, one of the aliens turned and looked in my direction...

The End

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