"How did you find me?" Those were the only words to leave my mouth, before they knocked me out. 

I was awoken from my slumber when they threw me from the trunk of the car. I was blindfolded, gagged and my arms were tied behind my back. They walked me forward and back, left and right, throwing off my sense of direction, before finally shoving me down into a chair. One of the mobsters tore the blindfold from my eyes. I quickly scanned the room trying to find any clue of where exactly they had taken me. No dice, just an empty warehouse, how original. 

There were two men standing in front of me, both donning very similar attires. A black suit, red tie, fedoras, and of course both had a gun strapped to their sides. The taller of the two started talking, but I was still concussed from the blow to my head earlier and his words were just a big mumble of nothingness to me. The other mobster must have realized this as he said something and put the blindfold back on me. I heard footsteps as the mobsters walked across the room. I was alone...

The End

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