DEA cowboy

Well they wanted my wife as an interrogator for reasons i could only assume, though based on  any argument I've had with my wife she was perfect for a job requiring such charisma.  For me they required a partner to one of their agents out in the field, Carlos Vega.  Vega was infiltrated deep within the local section 7 gang and was very close to discovering the location of a drug tunnel the DEA had been unable to find by other means.  The DEA had received a call from Carlos that he was to learn the location of the tunnel tonight but needed some one to watch his back as he arrested the banditos.  As you could guess I was going to be that back up.  As the DEA agent in charged shuffled me into the next room they equipped me with a DEA issue bullet-proof vest, a Colt single action army, a Barret 50. cal, and a ghille suit.  At first I taken aback by such tools, I had some training before when I had enlisted in the army for my 10 year stint but I had never been a good enough shot to be on sniper duty.  The agent put me on the firing line first with the revolver which I loved for the recoil it produced that made it a nearly universal one shot weapon and the feeling of being in the old west.  The Barret was hard to manage but by the end of my session I was confident in covering Vega.  The DEA took me into a van to the meeting spot early to meet Carlos and find my spot for the meeting.

The End

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