I wasn't quite sure how working for the DEA in El Paso would keep me safe in any way, but I'm sure that the FBI knows more about safety than I do. The first day on the job was full of government safety procedures such as retina scans, DNA samples, fingerprints, and polygraphs. Although the entire process was extremely overwhelming, there was a little bit of me that felt like I was in the newest James Patterson novel. 

The DEA has yet to inform me of what exactly I will be doing for them, but I really don't know what an aspiring journalist can do to enforce drug abuse in El Paso. As it turns out, I wasn't the one who they were interested in. They wanted a new interrogator, someone who could harshly interrogate drug lords and read their facial expressions to determine if they were lying or not. They wanted an expert in facial emotion detection, not a journalist. They wanted my wife.

The End

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