new job

I didn't  moving to Texas.  Overall its a fairly nice state.  I actually went to school art the University of Texas in Austin and loved it there.  The only problem with the move, besides the fact that our lives were being forcibly uprooted, was El Paso. 

      While living in Texas during college I would constantly hear about the violence in El Paso.  Drug cartels were very active in the city and countless murders and other violent crimes stemmed from the cartel presence.  Its certainly not a desirable place to live. I could tell my wife was thinking the same thing but our thoughts were interrupted when the director called. I picked up the phone and he started talking immediately.

"You've caused quite a stir with the mob.  They aren't an average gang, they have the resources to find you which presents problems for us.  We have to be very thorough in helping you disappear and we've found the best option is for you to start a new life with the DEA in El Paso"

The End

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