Bigger in Texas

The briefing center was a small, gray building with nothing to identify its purpose. The black sedans pulled up to the very front and Claire and I exited the car. Two men met us and helped with our luggage. At least the FBI was hospitable while they took complete control of our once-free lives. The inside was something similar to the outside, gray through and through. It sort of looked as though I should be applying for a new driver's license. 

They led us through the lobby and down a long, narrow hallway. We passed dozens of offices that seemed to be deserted. We finally came to a door which had a sign reading "Robert Perry, Director of Witness Affairs". The men carrying our bags knocked and then entered without waiting for a response. There was a bald man sitting at a small wooden desk. He looked up from his work and without introducing himself he said, "Hello Michelle and Claire. How do you feel about El Paso?" Claire and I were silent. The men with our bags were already gone. "Texas?" I asked. The director merely nodded. 

The End

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