The first thing I thought of when I heard her say witness protection program was the Mary- Kate and Ashley movie Our Lips are Sealed that my older sister made me watch with her constantly.  My next thought was that my wife will be far from happy to hear of this. And my third thought was what is going on right now?

As my thoughts concluded Olivia Greensburg led me to down the elevator and then outside to her black car. She informed me I had one hour to get my things organized before we left for the airport. How was I supposed to get my entire life together and packed up on one hour. Before I could start figuring it all out the car pulled into my familiar drive way. I jumped out of the car and ran inside and found my wife sipping wine while watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, her favorite show. She seemed so peaceful it broke my heart to tell her what was happening. However, the second she saw me she knew there was something terribly wrong....

The End

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