The End of My Old Life

Everything happened so fast I didn't know how to react. An entire swat team came in, and had shot the man pointing a gun at me. "Put the weapons on the ground, hands behind your head and do not make any sudden moves. You are all under arrest, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law," said a police officer who followed in after the SWAT team. the men had listened and did as they asked. I was beyond confused at this point and an officer had taken me out of the room and explained the situation. I had found out that the men were indeed involved in a mob and their arrest were apart of the largest ever mafia-sweep.  The FBI was cracking down on the organized crime families along the east coast. I was glad to be safe yet still in complete shock due to all that had just happened. The officer was unsure of why i was a target for the mob members but his only guess was that the men were mad about the attention brought on by my fictional article about a mob. The doors then open and a lady in a business suit had came in, "I can take it from here officer." The officer assured me that she would take care of me and left the room. The lady was named Olivia Greensburg, she came in and in a serious matter explained to me that my life could be in great danger since I had been target for the mob and memebers of their mob have not been arrested yet. The next few words she said were life changing, literally. She said, " The only way we can ensure you the protection of you life you must join the Federal Witness Protection Program"

The End

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