The Story

The whispers became more and more chaotic; I pressed my hands against my ears, trying to stop the noise. I stood from my desk and walked into the hallway, trying to ignore the voices in my head, and pulled out my cell phone to call my wife again.


"Hi - it's me."

"Where are you?? I thought you would have been home hours ago!"

"I know...I just got caught up in my story, and I think I'm going to spend the night here tonight. There's a break room with some pretty comfortable couches down the hall - I think I can make do. Is that ok? I'm sorry I just...there's something about this story that's really got me going."

She was quiet for a minute, but finally sighed, said she understood, and hung up. I was alone again, and again, I could hear the voices. I could almost make out some of the words now..."" It was a warning.

I shook my head, shaking away the strange hallucination. This couldn't be real. I was just tired and stressed, that's all! But I still couldn't shake that feeling that something was wrong. What if someone had found out what my story was about? I knew that could be disastrous...


The End

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