The lights were flickering but that did not stop me from entering.   Time was not on my side this night; I desperately needed every minute available on the clock in order to finish my paper for my graduate class at the University of Chicago.  I was making the college freshman mistake by procrastinating and regretted it deeply.   I was using the office for my internship company for what I hope will be my new company after my graduate class finishes in the spring of 2013.  Time went on and on and the lights would flicker ever so often because of this storm, but that did not stop me from writing.  It was 9:00 at night, not too spooky for my standards but slighty sketch for the average person and then all of a sudden, the lights were off.  I begin to become slightly scared and aware of my surrounding when I began to hear whisperings of people all around me, ….

The End

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