The Thunder Rolls

I sat and ate my lunch for the next twenty minutes.  As I did, I noticed that some clouds were beginning to roll in and they looked suspicious. Extremely suspicious, in fact.  Honestly, I did not pay much attention to them as I began to walk back to my office because I was busy texting my wife of three months.

“When will you be home tonight?” she asked.

“Probably around 6.  I’d like to get out of the office at 5:30.” I responded.

Just when I was about two blocks away from the Tribune, I heard thunder and saw some lightning.  This was an odd occurrence seeing that storms like that did not usually occur in the fall.  The fact that this was a serious storm was slightly anticipating.  I quickened my pace.

As I was fixing to walk into the building, the lights began to flicker.  That alone was extremely discomforting.  But what happened next would take “discomforting” to a whole new level…

The End

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