A leisurely lunch in a Chicago park is about to become a high stakes adventure.

Here we go again. Thanks to Aldous Muffley for the grand start.

        “Petrichor,” I muttered softly to myself, “a nine letter word for the smell of the earth after rain.” I love to work on the Chicago Tribune’s daily crossword on my lunch breaks. “It’s so nice to finally get a chance to relax!” I thought to myself as I put down the newspaper and picked up my lunch, a hot dog that I had recently purchased from a cart on Randolph Street. I surveyed the scene around me as I munched on my lunch. “Millennium Park is always busy at this time, especially on Fridays,” I thought as I watched both tourists and locals alike mill about the coveted green space. The ever present crowd around the bean was at an ample size. The large, reflective, modern-art sculpture currently obscured with a throng of people is what makes the park the most visited in Chicago. I shifted my gaze out across an open field to the glinting waters of Lake Michigan. Many boats were out on the water, but that wasn’t very surprising, considering how perfect the crisp autumn day was in every way. The day really was sublime, but I couldn’t shake the strange feeling in my gut that something wasn’t right.

The End

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