Chapter 1.5Mature

The horse slowed down to a canter as the King’s messenger reached the entrance path to the castle.  The envelope from the scout pinched in his fingers and sweat dripped down his neck.  The guards opened the gate and he proceeded through.

The King and Queen sat plump in their thrones.  The messenger bowed graciously before them as he held out the sealed envelope in his palm.  The king toar the paper and removed the parchment inside.

The Princess is either dead or in danger. A dragon

has been spotted coming and going from the Alabaster

Tower.  We must raid it immediately and we will when

the sun sets with your permission.  I pray we receive

word back tonight, for I feel the worst about this.

The King’s face flushed red as his eyes scanned the letter, “Tell Commander Roswald to assemble the first regiment immediately.  Alabaster Tower is going to be raided tonight and Princess Celestia will be brought back here.”

The messenger nodded and quickly rushed out of the throne room, heading straight towards the war room.  As the door closed behind him the King rose from his cushion and yelled until he was out of breath; he was furious.

The End

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