Chapter 1.4Mature

Eliandria’s nose pointed to the earth as she fell from the marble prison.  Her wings expanded from her body when she was ten feet from crashing.  The air lifted her from the ground and carried her higher, towards the sky.

Celestia grabbed her paper and pencil and began to draw the scene before her eyes.  She was grateful that the man on the griffon’s back brought drawing supplies among the rest; Ellie has to hide behind the wardrobe everytime he comes.

Ellie has been with Celestia for nearly a month and practiced flying every day after her injuries had healed.  Her body looked large in the small room at the top of the tower, but small while in the vast, open sky.  She was three times the length of Celestia, and several times wide.

As Ellie was approaching the opening to the tower, Celestia backed away just in case something went wrong.  She slowed down her speed and stretched out all four limbs towards the towers.  Her forelegs latched onto the ledge of the window and her hind legs braced herself against the wall of the tower.  She crawled up through the opening and joined Celestia in the room.

“You looked amazing out there,” Celestia told Ellie, showing her the image she’d drawn of her.

“Impressive, you’re very talented,” she told Celestia.

“Well, when you’re locked up in a tower for fourteen years, you start to develop some talents,” Celestia joked.

The two laughed together for a few moments before an inquisitive look came upon Celestia’s face.  “Why aren’t you with your family?”

“I don’t know my family,” Ellie replied, “I hatched from my egg alone.”

Celestia just looked at Ellie and smiled, “My first friend is a dragon.”

“And mine is a human”

The two friends spent the remainder of the day talking and snacking on the food brought by the supply man.  They watched the sun set again for the thirtieth time together.  The sun’s sister began to rise in the sky and the stars twinkled as night arrived.

“Good night, Ellie”

“Sweet dreams, Celestia.”

That night, Celestia dreamed she was flying on Ellie’s back.

The End

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