Chapter 1.3Mature

“Thank you,” a voice startled Celestia to wake, on the cold floor.

Celestia’s eyes immediately focused on the dragon in front of her.  She could now see the beautiful creature in it’s glory with the light of the sun.  Bright, purple stripes highlighted it’s sharp silver scales.  Tiny, horn-like protrusions were erupting from it’s brow line and it’s wings were marked with violet designs similar to a monarch butterfly.

“I’m deeply sorry for the mess I’ve made of your room,” the powerful, female voice continued.

“Excuse me,” I replied, “did you just talk to me,” she questioned the creature before her.

“Yes, it’s quite a surprise I’m sure, but dragon and human history is incredibly intertwined.  We used to work together and even shared a language, but that connection was lost when humans moved to cities, like Euthelia,” the creature answered without parting its lips.  

“Your mouth isn’t opening to speak,” I acknowledged.

“Dragons possess the ability to speak telepathically.  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eliandria, but you may call me Ellie,” the magnificent being spoke into Celestia’s mind.

Celestia admired Eliandria’s appearance, scanning the remarkable design on her wings.  “You appear to be rather young,” she noted about Ellie.

“That I am,” Ellie responded, “we age similarly to humans.  I’ve been alive for nearly sixteen years, and I’m considered to be at an adolescent age.  The main distinction is that our lifespan just about doubles than of man’s,” she continued to enlighten Celestia.

“This is truly fascinating,” Celestia replied, “I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would see a dragon, let alone speak to one!  What a wonderful thing for you to crash through my window,” Celestia continued, delighted.

“I sincerely apologize for that,” Ellie said, almost with a frown.  “I’m,” she hesitated, “still learning how to fly well,” she continued, with embarrassment.

“I’ve always wished I could fly, so that I could leave this awful confinement,” Celestia confessed.

“Confinement?” Ellie inquired, “Is this not your home?”

“Oh heavens no!” Celestia declared.

Celestia then continued to explain to Ellie the state of her life.  She recited to Ellie the proclamation given by the King’s oracle and how her birthers had locked her up in the tower.  She refused to refer to them as her parents, and Ellie could understand why.

“Well,” Ellie said, “if you promise to help my injuries mend and provide me with shelter, I promise to fly you away from this prison.  That is after I practice my flying skills,” Ellie assured Celestia, with a laugh.

“Oh my!  That would be marvelous!” Celestia replied, grinning from ear to ear.  “I’ll do whatever I can do to help!”

“I guess it’s a deal then.”

The End

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