Chapter 1.2Mature

Celestia rose from her cot with shock, she heard the galloping feet of a horse: “clip clap, clip clap, clip clap.”

Her eyes scanned the outside world, trying to find the source of the sound.  “Could it be my hero?  Has he finally come to rescue me?”  Celestia questioned hopefully.

To her disappointment, the sound of the galloping horse feet weren’t from a galloping horse.  Instead, the sound was radiating up from the base of the tower as a large stag grazed.  With a hurry, Celestia grabbed a sheet of paper and began sketching the image, no longer disappointed.

She happily placed the picture with the rest of her collection, which she began going through.  She smiled has the memories of the sightings came back to her:  the flock of griffons that flew over the tower, the pair of lovebirds that landed on her window, and the unicorn that strutted past the tower before the forest began to grow.

Celestia yelped as a figure crashed through the opening in the way, spilling debris about the room as furniture was smashed.  Celestia braced herself against the wall as the scene unfolded.  

The beautiful, iridescent, silver creature attempted to rise to its feet, but ultimately failed and fell back to the ground.  Her heart broke as she watched the being struggle.  Celestia rushed to the creatures side and touched its warm, scaly skin.

“You’re a dragon,” Celestia announced with a gasp.

The young dragon responded with a groan the signified pain.

“Oh you poor thing,” she said to the injured dragon, “I’ll try my best to mend your sores,” she assured the creature while she tore fabric from her black dress.

Celestia wrapped the strips of fabric around the gashes and cuts left from the crash through the marble opening.  The bleeding quickly stopped, but the creature remained laying on the stone floor.  Celestia sat next to it, stroking its snout and consoling it.

So many thoughts rushed through her mind.  She was beyond excited for she had never seen a dragon before and it would be nice to have some company for the change.  Celestia fell asleep there, clutching the young dragon in her arms.  Finally, she wouldn’t be alone.

The End

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