Chapter 1.1Mature

The marble stones of Celestia’s confinement whistled as wind rushed through the cracks and crevices.  She perched on her bed, looking out the window at the lands she once was able to roam.  The anger she once had towards her parents for trapping her in the tower has faded for now.  She wanted nothing more than the words of her father’s oracle to come true.


Celestia’s body is yet frail.

No meat, no flesh, she’s not mature.

As a prize to a hero, is her fate.

Wandering through the borders,

he will stumble upon her tower, and find his mate.

Without this hero, Aeloria will fail.


She understood that this is what was necessary to save her nation, and, quite frankly, she wanted to be claimed by a hero.  Celestia rose from her bed in the single room located at the top of the tower, seven stories high.  She shifted her body in front of the mirror day after day, examining the curves on her body.  “Surely,” she thought out loud, “my body must be considered mature by now.”

Celestia was now nineteen years of age and she hasn’t spoken to another person for fourteen of those.  Of course, she saw the man on the griffon’s back that delivered supplies through the opened window, but he never stayed to make conversation.

The path leading up to the tower no longer existed, it has been taken over by the birth of a forest.  She wouldn’t even see her hero come to the tower if she wanted to, but she still spent most of her time next to that window, hoping to catch even a glimpse of her hero.

When she wasn’t at the window, she was sketching images of the wildlife she saw in the forest:  wild griffons, flying wyrms, harpies, and sometimes, if she was lucky, a wyvern.  She adored the idea of flying and sometimes dreamt she had wings of her own.  She wanted to feel the wind rush through her hair, to smell all the scents of the world, and to see the hidden sights of nature.

Flying was just another hope that wouldn’t come true.  Secretly she knew her hero wouldn’t come and that the oracle was a wack.  If she could fly, then she could leave the tower and never return.

The sun began to dip below the western sky, and soon the sounds of the night became audible.  Princess Celestia snapped the tiara that’s been with her since birth in half and tossed it out the window.  The King and Queen, the ones who gave her life, she no longer considered her parents, they had abandoned her.  Celestia wrapped herself in her blanket and sank into the mattress.  Her mind drifted into a different world as she fell asleep.  In her dream, she flew.

The End

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