Princess Celestia has been tossed away in a dusty tower by her parents. She waits, anxious for the arrival for her knight in shining armor, but is surprised by the arrival of a different visitor. Happily ever after may not be the fate of all fairytales.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful, blue-eyed princess in the kingdom of Aeloria by the name of Celestia.  Her crimson, auburn hair bounced as she ran about the brick paved streets of the castle grounds as a young girl.  Her smile brightened the days of all the servants and kingsmen.  Her pale skin shined bright under the radiant sunlight; Celestia was the embodiment of how a princess should be.

On her fifth birthday, Celestia was secured in a large, marble tower located on the border of the kingdom.  The King and Queen feared their daughter would be corrupted by the servants and peasant-folk that she conversed with.  

As the tale was told, when Celestia was of a matured age, a handsome, fair knight freed the princess of her imprisonment and they returned to the capital of the kingdom, Euthelia.  The knight took Celestia’s hand in marriage, and soon they rose to the roles of King and Queen.

History notes them as the most benevolent rulers of the kingdom:  they restored the economy, provided for the poor, and opened the gates of the castle to the masses.  Queen Celestia was loved by all.

Queen Celestia bore few, beloved children, and they grew to be marvelous princes and princesses.  They ran rampant on the castle grounds, just as their mother had; they too befriended the peasant-folk.

While saddened by the king’s death, Celestia remained jovial towards her people.  She remained beautiful and bubbly as she aged, just like a display of fine wine and champagne.  On her 76th birthday she grew ill and remained bed ridden.  The kingdom was struck by angst with the thought that their Queen might die.  And she did.

Her handwriting was scribbled on a stained parchment, distributing the wealth the royal family had obtained over the centuries to each and every individual of Aeloria.  Her eldest son took the throne and continued to drive the kingdom towards prosperity, just as his parents had done.

Oh, but have the storytellers never been more wrong.  Princess Celestia’s hope of being rescued by a knight drifted deep deep into the black abyss of the night.

The End

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