The Wolfman

I didn’t die.

I watched as the anti-light consumed my light-orb and it dissipated. My meerkat’s body hung over me as I floated slowly downwards, and, as the darkness around me lightened and lessened, it slowly faded into a blue mist that rushed back into me, filling up my lungs and bringing more light to the dim. That breath of spirit made my mind clearer, and I could feel my body slowly being rested down onto some sort of smooth, flat surface.  

When my senses fully returned to me, I sat up, and attempted to establish a sense of where I was. I narrowed my eyes as the realization came to me. I was on board that magnificent ship from before. I lifted my hand to a thinking position, a quizzical crease forming in my brow, but suddenly, I realized that my hand was brushing onto fur and whiskers, and... a snout? I felt something twitch on the top of my head, but before I could lift my hands to see what it was, I realized that my hands were no longer hands... they were padded and clawed. Paws. That would mean... the things on top of my head... were probably... ears.

            I looked up again, and the ratskin captain was smiling at me. “Ah, we’ve never even seen a wolfman in these parts before. Welcome to the Darkness Rising.”

The End

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