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A post apocalyptic opener of a story that I started several years ago but abandoned due to writer's block.
Feel free to create additions and to elaborate any details of the story, I'd like to see where it might go with the collaboration of other writer's with more knowledge than me on various topics that I touched upon lightly... thanks!!!

The coming “Apocalypse” that had every human being at least somewhat panicked throughout the end of the 20th century and into the next, couldn’t have been any less imposing upon the general population at first – spending decades in silence – slowly picking off hundreds of thousands of human lives one at a time, behind the masks of illness and disease. None of its original victims affected by the weakened immune system, stealth viruses, internal fungal infections, non-healing lesions, bacterial invasions, and/or the chronic and unforgiving itchiness associated with the Creep – could’ve possibly known what it was that they were host to…years later, scientists were still unable to completely grasp the concept that stood firmly within the nano-particles of the Creep’s genetic map. Treatment remains out of reach even now – decades beyond the origin of such a chaotic organism’s release into the air somewhere in Florida, or Texas, or California – it’s hard to say for certain where it all began.

All that is certain is that the aftermath of the Creep’s release has been like nothing that the human being has endured in the history of its species; the people who survived the plague, destruction, murderous pilferers, and unstable geological environment have quickly evolved to adapt to the new world. The twist to that fact however, is that each survivor was already evolving more quickly than ever before – and this was due to the Creep: a nano-particulate, multi-cellular organism – that had invaded the bloodstream of every human being on Earth long before the initial outbreak occurred in society. Humankind couldn’t have been more ill-prepared for this attacker; it’s system hard-wired to do four things only: attach, mimic, destroy, and finally, to completely replace its unsuspecting host. Yes, I said REPLACE. The new world is full of the dead – those who didn’t survive the Creep’s onset Some of them dead for over a decade yet, somehow – able to continue to move, feed and replicate themselves to maintain functional, though quite limited condition, year after year. This will continue infinitely in time for the dead victims that roam the former Earth, unless you detach the brain stem from the spinal cord at the base of the skull through brute force, or blow up the head entirely – the Creep keeps the dead creeping, indefinitely.

…Eerie, to say the least.

Nobody left alive had all of the answers to the never-ending streams of questions that would seemingly be left, unresolved for eternity; at least, nobody had the accurate answers. Everyone had an opinion, a theory; anyone who survived the onslaught of humanity’s spontaneous re-assimilation, would eventually come to a conclusion at least very similar, if not the same, as the next theory. The bottom line of each and every idea, notion or theorem surrounding this particular issue was always pointedly the same as every survivor’s had been before it: The Creep has proven to be the absolute, time-effective and genocidal destroyer of the species, in ways unprecedented and, therefore, unforeseen by those living where it silently attacked. There was no insight from any "Ground Zero" – wherever it may have been.

The theory shared by most survivors had long been that there must have been multiple Ground Zeroes; that everyone was near a Ground Zero, everywhere. In this theory, the creators of the Creep would have also created an immunization to counter the expected destruction and replacement of humankind’s DNA; otherwise, this theory would be rightfully rejected and void by the survivors. Why else would anyone intentionally destroy all of everything that had been maintained throughout the history of his own kind, outside of the desire to be the Replica?

Such an circumstance would call for several elements in order to be applicable in Earth’s former population:

1) Bottomless funding and resources for investors to utilize before, during, and after the genocidal nano-mutated bio-plague’s release to the open air,

2) Numerous points of infectious contact, one or more on every continent worldwide,

3) A multi-brokered, heavily exchanged, highly secure, and thoroughly coordinated effort across every type and kind of known barrier in the long history of the human species.

If there was any truth to the theory, it would imply that other than the quickly-changing, socially deteriorating, genetically traumatized surviving clans that struggled from one day to remain alive to see the next – there was another type of “survivor” out there somewhere – enjoying the view that was available from wherever they had hidden away safely from the grief and turbulence of the mess they had made of humanity. This would mean that there was a group of people floating around who were collectively responsible for murdering everyone that any survivor had ever known, loved or hated – through a raging illness that was literally able to quietly replace any individuality or uniqueness on a nano-level. This theory would darkly and painfully imply the intentional annihilation of the things that had been the very essence of the pre-apocalyptic, industrialized society. The former world as former human beings had for so long loved and rejoiced in – was replaced on a nano-level. In order for the Creep to have infected the entire globe as it did, this had to have been the case; there was no time to send warning or take precautionary measures in the chaos that defined the early days of the plague’s arrival. It was suddenly on every continent simultaneously; disorder, panic and disaster struck even the darkest, most hidden corners of every place around the world; electricity and telecommunication networks went down within a matter of hours from the time the first Emergency Broadcast Service Message aired against an old-fashioned air-raid siren blaring obnoxiously in the background, followed by a procession of increasingly rapid beeps and buzzes, then repeat. This went on for about ten hours or so; then all at once, as if one of the Gods had simply disconnected a higher-power plug from an outlet somewhere in some big, cloud themed living room up in the sky, everything went off for good.

Of course, the surviving breed had become such as a result of the plague’s infectious nature, invading every system of the body at the rate of molasses, or slower. Not only had each one of them been a hostage Host to the Creep’s unwelcome arrival in his or her core biological systems for unknown periods of time prior to the actual societal outbreak, but its grip had grown noticeably stronger around the social, spiritual, and psychological regions of the former human race’s collective characteristics.

And so, in theory, the Creep and its produced Replica had won the war with the inhabitants of Earth; or the better part of them, at least. There was a remaining few however, changed in rapid progression by the tides that had physiologically turned against any former human being in nature. There were handfuls of former humans – men and women, girls and boys – gradually being replaced inside of their own, living, cell-regenerating bodies by something so inextricably reminiscent of itself that only the individual gene might possibly note the difference between itself and the Creep – but even so, there’s been no way to stop the process that eventually kills off the original cells and replaces them with the Creep’s nano-version, a bio-generated carbon copy, if you will.

The science behind the plague has never been present, not even before the world fell apart and there were no scientists. The reality of the Creep has always been that at the end of the day, when all is said and done – and everyone is still gone along with the memory of the world as it had been, the Creep remained as it had for roughly a quarter century – intangible, fickle, elusive and vague; a dark figure in the shadows slinking back behind the tree line in one’s peripheral. The threat of the infection’s increasingly problematic mutations seemed ever-lurking, like a bulging raincloud ready to release the wrath of nature’s mysteries overhead at any moment.


The End

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