Chapter 2: A Red RoseMature

    She was walking down a long, endless hallway. There were no lights and the air was so moist she could almost chew it. Her bare feet against the cold, dark tiles floor sounded like an elephant trampling through a glass covered desert. 
    One hand was gripping a small teddy bear while the other was shaking uncontrollably. In the dark she though she saw moving shadows. Maybe it was just her mind, but something was following her. A sigh escaped her frozen lips with a trembling whisper. It echoed down the hallway.
    She shuffled a little further and came to a halt. With a quivering lip, she listened and her sigh was answered. A deep gurgle of manic-like laughter drifted down the hall. She spun every which way. The sound filled the corridor and echoed and bounced off the walls like a ball. Her eyes darted from one side to another as she broke out into a cold sweat. The sweat stung as it plopped into her half open eye. 
    Now her entire body was shaking. Tears drenched her cheeks and she cried out for her mom. The world around her seemed to stop. The air was still. She couldn't breathe. The silence was suddenly broken by a piercing shriek and yet another round of laughter. She knew that scream. Throwing herself down with anguish and a broken heart, she hugged the cool tile beneath her dying finger tips. In a fetal position, all she could think of was one word. Darkness. 

    A screeching broke the silence. Sarah slammed her palm down on her Snoopy alarm clock and groaned. Stretching her muscular arms to the ceiling, she yawned and sat up in bed. 
These dreams were recurring ever since that one night. Every time a splitting headache would show itself after the dreams and the echo of the scream would resound in her mind the rest of the day. It had only been sixteen years and the memory still haunted her. 
They were sitting in the car at a stop light. Their Toyota Camri was getting old and didn't work as it did a few years ago. The engine would shake the entire body of the car and Mom always joked it was giving them a back massage. 
Today however, her mom was not in the mood to joke. Sarah had acted up for the last time and her mom exploded. They fought as they drove and both were still fuming, but silent, as the light turned green. Sarah had her body turned toward the passenger side door as far as it would go. Her light-hazel hair fell around her shoulders, creating a curtain between her face and her mom.
She peeked through a gap to see if her mom had calmed down. The leather seat creaked as her mother shifted. The stereo had long ago stopped working and they had created a habit of humming their own tunes as they drove. That is exactly what her mom started to do. 

The End

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