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It was a bright fall evening, and the trees were losing their leaves. It was piteous the way the landscape was in this month. Everything changes for the worst in life. Think about all the sufferings and deaths the cold wind of the north and the snow it could bring.
    People were rushing to their cars for fear of freezing to death. There was one man that was different though. He stood out like a sore thumb. He had a long silver trench-coat slung on his bare bone shoulders. He wore no shirt and gym shorts. With glasses and a top hat, he completed the look with a limp. A limp so obvious a blind man could sense it. From a distance his mouth would look to be moving and forming oddly shaped words. In reality, he was actually suffering from a case of terets. These "ticks", unlike others, have a cure. This man has yet to find it. This man is willing do anything for it. This man is enemy number one.


    "Mommy, why is that man following us", Sarah asked her mother. In his gym shorts and silver trench coat, he was indeed following them. For some reason, he was intrigued to watch them.
    A few minutes earlier, this woman and her child had walked through the grocery store's door without notice of him. However, the little girl stared at him as if he weren't from this world. "Follow them...", a tiny voice in the back of his mind urgently hissed.
Ever since he was diagnosed with terets, he heard this voice. It was his constant companion giving him advice, too much sometimes. It always threatened to take over his body, to take over his soul.
    As Sarah peeked again at the strange man, she stopped in her tracks. Her mother turned around too. Both stared open mouthed. The man with irregular clothing had fallen on the floor and was jerking uncontrollably. His face turned white. He swore a constant string of dirt and, in an instant, he stopped.
    Security guards all had pistols out pointing at his chest. He warily stood up and made eye contact with Sarah. She took a step back.
    His eyes had no color. They were deep gaping holes of blackness. Just like the eyes of a shark.
Bloodlust and death were consumed in the inky blackness. Sarah's whole life seemed to be unimportant...dull. She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. It took all her strength and will just to blink.  
    They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then in a sudden movement the man broke the spell and jumped high into the air. 
    Sarah dropped to the floor. All the feeling had left her legs. She realized she’d been holding her breath and opened her mouth. Sweet air came rushing in. her mother didn’t notice, she was busy staring at the spectacle in front of them.
When the man jumped, all the security guards followed his silver trench coat to find that he wasn’t inside of it anymore.
The strange man had literally pulled a trump card.
    With the confused guards staring at the coat, not one saw that their guns mysteriously disappeared. 
One of the guards recovered enough and walked cautiously up to the coat. His focus was entirely on the coat that when he recovered even further, everything turned for the worse. 
    The pistol he was carrying had disappeared and so did his fellow guards. A shiver of fear, total and absolute fear ran down his spine. Slowly, he turned around. The hairs on the back of his neck were tingling. As he came around, he found the half-naked man staring at him.
    The inky blackness of the man’s eyes froze him to the spot. The guard stood paralyzed while the man grabbed both sides of his head and with a jerk, broke his neck with a sickening pop. 
    It was as if those eyes had sucked the guard’s soul from his body, never to be found again.
Then the screaming started.

    “This just in… A middle-aged man dressed only in shorts and a silver trench coat had attacked a security team in the Town Central Mall. All were reported dead. The man escaped and no one has seen him since. The only witnesses were a six year old girl and her mother. They refused to be interviewed. If you know or have seen this man, call the number at the bottom of the screen. 
In other news, New York’s very own US Senate member, Randall Core’s birthday is today. Happy birthday Senator Core! He…”
The TV screen flickered black. Sarah and her mother were sitting in their apartment living room under a blanket. Sarah had her head leaning on her mother’s shoulder and was fast asleep.  
    Her mother sat in the darkness stroking Sarah’s hair. Absentmindedly she whispered, “I wish I could sleep with no worries.”
She carefully carried Sarah into her bedroom and tucked her in. Sarah mumbled one word, a word that kept her mother up all night worrying 


The End

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