Midnight Snack

Fleur woke with a start. She rubbed her bleary eyes fiercely and glanced at the time. Her clock flashed 2:16 a.m. She groaned. It felt like 2:16 a.m. She was about to curl up and go back to sleep when she heard a loud noise.

Something clanged in the kitchen. It sounded like pots and pans banging together.

Fleur threw back her covers and tiptoed down the hall. Her father's room was downstairs, so it was very probable that he was up making a midnight snack. He did that occasionally. Mostly when his thoughts were too tangled to make sense.

Fleur quietly glided down the staircase into the foyer.  All of the lights were off. The front door was shut and remained lock. There was not a single noise.

Her stomach tightened.

"Dad?" she said, quietly stepping toward the open doorway to the kitchen. "Dad, are you up?"

No sound.

Fleur held her breath and blindly found the light switch in the kitchen. When she flicked it on, the sudden brightness exposed the biggest mess Fleur had ever seen in her life.

Pots and pans had been knocked off of their hangers and were strewn across the tile. Shredded fruit was smeared across the countertops, the cheap box of wine was gutted and leaking down the drawers, cereal and chips were ripped open, exposing their innards all over the floor, and a bag of powdered donuts was dumped over on the countertop, the smears of white powder reminding Fleur of cocaine.

"What in the-"

There was a rattle from the pantry.  Fleur's heart stopped. Blood burned through her body.  The thought of going to wake her father for help never crossed her mind. The only thought she had was to protect herself. Fleur pulled a large knife from the casement on the counter and stepped toward the pantry. The door was cracked slightly and a nasty fluid was oozing out from under it.  

When Fleur found the courage to open the door, she was surprised to find...


Nothing was bizarre except for that the canned soups, vegetables, and fruits were scattered and impaled on the ground, oozing rancid liquid. She knelt down and examined the sticky mess. It looked as if someone had taken a knife to all of their canned goods.  

Bizarre, she thought.

A soft thud from above made Fleur jump to her feet, and that is when she finally looked up.

The End

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