Fleur fisted a clump of hair in her fingers, silently pulling the locks as if that would help her finish her essay exam for English. After mulling over her conclusion paragraph for the past ten minutes, she scribbled down the lyrics from a Jack Johnson song she liked, forced the words to correlate with her work, and quickly turned in her work to her snot-nosed, portly teacher.

She was officially done with her sophomore year of high school. Success!

In the school parking lot, Fleur's chest tightened as three girls walked toward her, laughing amongst themselves. She tucked her chin against her heavy binder and walked quickly toward her Honda Accord.

"Finally finish your exam?" One of the girls mocked as they neared. Fleur recognized this girl. Casey. "I mean really, you couldn't just be smart and get an A in the class?"

Fleur bit her tongue and stepped to get around the three girls. They were wearing the school cheer work-out clothes like they had just gotten out of practice. "Excuse me," Fleur said.

A bleach-blonde with shorts two sizes too small - Paige - shoved Fleur with her bony elbow. "You're such a failure." Fleur almost fell.

"Yeah, well so was your dad's condom." Uh oh... shouldn't have gone there. But Fleur's verbal filter kicked in too late.

Paige slapped the binder out of Fleur's hands and it tumbled to the ground. The girls laughed, whether at Fleur's response or Paige's violence, no one knew. "Don't you dare talk about my father like he made mistakes when yours is a disgusting floater who can't even keep a job," Paige hissed. "What a godforsaken embarrassment you have. I bet he just sits around on his -"

Before Paige could finish, Fleur swung around and smacked the girl right across the face with her binder, knocking Paige off balance.

"My father's a great man," Fleur whispered. 

Fleur glanced around, tucked the binder close to her chest, and then hurried to her car, ignoring the profanity and threats that screamed in the air behind her. 


The End

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