The Creation

Fleur, a lonely girl living with her dad finds a strange, wounded creature that has been abused and rejected by it's creator. However, what she soon discovers is that the creator is on a hunt to destroy his work once and for all, and the girl will stop at nothing to protect her new friend.

The scientist wiped his sticky hands on his lab coat, making the red goo look like a splash of blood on his white attire. He rolled his shoulders and reached for the lever.

This was it.

This was what he had been waiting for.

He pulled the lever down with more force than he needed to, releasing the rush of adrenalin coursing through his body.  In his mind, he was processing what exactly he had created this creature for: to be intelligent, to be strong, to be his monster.

Lightning cracked like a whip across the sky and the scientist watched as sparks of electricity singed down the wiring connecting the creature to the table. The table was shaking, the lights were flickering, the thunder was roaring, and then -

Everything was off. No noise, no lights.  

When the electricity sizzled back into the bulbs overhead, the scientist, excitement bubbling in his throat, searched for his glorious work. His wonderful masterpiece.

What he found made his stomach drop.  

The creature reached up to him like a toddler would reach for it's mother. The scientist slapped it away, and the creature fled to curl up in the dark corner of the lab.

"You coward," the scientist growled angrily. "You are not what I wanted. You are all wrong!" 

The End

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