You know back in my day...

"Back in my day our teachers would be the ones delivering the bloody noses, not your own friends! Although, I did walk out badly bruised from a fight when I was about your age! It was over this fine lady, Ludvick Mackroskee. She had the most beautiful pixie cut and even though she was sort of a rebel it only made her even more attractive!"

Micheal had to listen to his principal go on and on about the girl he was in love with in high school for about half an hour! Who would have though he would even go into such detail as to describe how many times they sneaked out to meet behind an old barn? Not Micheal, that's for sure.

He gave Brian a side-ways look and saw that he was as bored as him. That made the fumes from what happened in Literature class go down a bit, but not enough for him to regret having punched him.

Then, what happened surprised both Brian and Micheal...

The End

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