Visit the Principals Office

There was a knock at the door and Mr. Robertson looked up to see two boys with bloodied faces. Mr. Robertsons' considerable bulk shuddered with a sigh as he motion for them to sit.

"I'm guessing that you two had a fight, am I right?" asked Mr. Robertson over his glasses.
"He hit me first!" blurted out Brian.
"Only because you kept going on about my test score!"
Brian jumped out of his chair.
"Well maybe if you studied you wouldn't have that test score!"
Micheal sprung to his feet and jabbed a finger in Brians chest.
"Well maybe it's none of your business!"

Both Brians and Micheals heads' snapped toward the principle.
"Sit down. Now, why are you so nosey, and why are you so touchy? So I want you two to shake hands, apologise and grow up."

The End

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