Talk About Violence

In all his years of teaching, Henry Abraham Smith (Mr. Smith to his students) had never seen a situation quite like this.

He had assumed that Brian, a brash and brutally honest boy would one day get beaten for his...well brutal honesty and brashness. However he least expected his best friend Michael to do so. He had turned around just in to see Michael deliver a beautiful right hook to Brian's nose. The blood flew from his face onto one of his more "girly" students.

"OMG!!!!" she yelled. She closed her eyes and let out a blood-curdling scream, surprising the hell out of everyone, including their class pet Mortimer the Hamster and Gerry the Rat. The two miniature mammals squealed with horror and spun onto their backs. The class erupted in chaos as Brian punched Mike back, who hit into the girl who hit another girl who slapped her and was pushed into the dead class pets. She let out yet another deafening scream before jumping up, knocking over three more students.

"Something tells me I'm going to get into trouble for this..." Henry said aloud. He went over to his desk and took out a large megaphone. He flicked the switch on and yelled in a thunderous voice, "STOP!" 

The class immediately went silent minus the two "best friends", still locked in their fight. Henry walked over to them and yelled into the megaphone. The two boys stopped fighting immediately and dropped onto their knees, clutching their ears.

Henry put down the Microphone. "Boy's it seems that you're going to..."

The End

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