The Crazy Life of Micheal McGlee

Micheal McGlee was a normal guy with a normal life, until YOU came in. What will happen to him now? An addventure story were you decide where he goes, who he meets, what he does, and what goes on around him.

"Try harder next time."

Micheal groaned as he saw his test score for his Literature class. A big 34 written in red sat in the corner of his paper glaring at him, and big X's were adorning most of his answers throughout the whole sheet. How would he be able to join the baseball team now?

"Oof! That's gotta hurt!"

"Shut up Brian."

"Your parents are going to flip about this one! Didn't you study at all?"

Micheal was debating between ignoring his obnoxious friend or socking him on the face. It was already bad enough having to see his score. He didn't need anyone rubbing it in his face anymore already.

He knew he should have studied, but things were crazy at home lately, so he couldn't concentrate. His grades weren't going to help anything improve, either.

"Wonder what your dad will do when he finds out how you bombed this test."

Hearing Brian bring up the grade again made Micheal's blood boil, so he turned around to give him what he thought he deserved...

The End

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